Benefits of our cooperation

Where you can get high-quality dwarf conifers, multi-stem trees and broad-leaved trees for good prices?
Which plants for shrubberies are better to source from abroad and which locally in Czech?
Can you get somewhere the fence segments for a good price?
From which grower you should source the highest quality avenue trees?
What benefits we will get from ordering the shaped solitary trees from Germany, Netherlands or Italy?
What is the most effective way of transporting the plants directly to the garden site we are working on?
Which shipping company is reliable and will not damage the plants during transport? …

Imagine you don’t need to solve any of these questions

Instead of ordering the full-grown beech tree (Fagus) at one supplier, the yew trees (Taxus), ligustrum and hornbean trees (Carpinus) at another one, and grass seeds and ground-covering plants at yet another, you could just send one summary inquiry. Then you can simply choose from the specific offers the ones that suit you best.

You could finally have more time to realize the larger jobs, to care for your plants, to create new garden designs and extend your clients base.

Your staff then would spend less time in a car and more time in the gardens of your clients. Optimizing the time and costs could bring a further growth to your company.

Benefits of purchasing the plants from wholesale suppliers

With multiple* business partners that are dealing with growers for you, solving the orders completion and transport of plants to the site, you will achieve many improvements as a company:

*To maintain your independence, I recommend you to cooperate with at least 2-3 wholesale suppliers that you trust.

You can reach the better pricing

Even if you order dozens of potted fruit small trees and ornamental shrubs, and add a couple of large and full-grown trees – this will not provide you really strong negotiating position with the grower. However, by cooperating with the partner that is focused to the mail-order sale of plants and volume of his orders for the entire period of cooperation is nearing thousands, even you can reach the better pricing conditions.

And you can win in the area of transport as well. If you need to push down the logistics costs as low as possible, I will deliver you the plants together with the others, so that the transport price for you will be as low as possible and transport will be as careful as possible.

You can choose the solitary trees at your computer

There is nothing better than to have the option to select (even together with a customer) the specific trees that will form a landmark of the customer’s garden. However, to visit one garden centre after another in Czech or in Europe requires a lot of time and money. On the other hand, to visit just one tree nursery can be ultimately unnecessarily expensive.

To allow you to provide your customers with a superior care and to save you both a lot of time, I’m providing you with the up-to-date photographs of solitary plants (even of the plants abroad).

Without unnecessary traveling you can select the apple tree (Malus), walnut tree (Juglans) or any other plant that you need for your customer’s garden..

You don’t have to care about the transport – you will have your plants delivered right to the planting site

The plants quality is affected by the handling method and speed of transport. Therefore it is very important how the truck routes are combined, how many unloading stops are on the way and who will be handling the plants. You don’t have to care about any of this. I will combine the orders for you and conceive the best possible logistics so that it is inexpensive, fast and gentle to the plants.

You will not have any troubles with complaints

You don’t have to prove anything, dispute nor pay for anything that is not compliant with our agreement. I will be inspecting every delivery together with you, and I will solve directly on the spot any potential plant damage, incorrect size or lesser quality.

You can save days of your time

To get the specific plants to the planting site, all you have to do is just send a single inquiry. I will manage the rest. You don’t have to personally visit suppliers, negotiate with them or deal with complex transport issues or dispute about complaints. That’s my job.

When it’s time to stop doing all things by yourself?
  • When you waste all your day driving to all ornamental plants nurseries and collecting the plants
  • When you care about the quality of plants and you don’t want them to suffer from long transport, frequent reloading and rough handling
  • When you are small company and need stronger position to negotiate with suppliers
  • When you need to better utilize your staff
  • When you want to have more time to get and realize larger jobs
Manage your time effectively.
Write me what you need. I will manage the rest.
Do you have any questions?
Do you wonder what I can do especially for you?

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