I am long term cooperating with multiple landscaping companies and architects.

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Dawyck is not just the company; first of all, it is a specific person – David. He is able to respond very flexibly to particular order and often kept us out of trouble.

He combines the professionalism with friendly attitude. On behalf of Coridalis Trade s.r.o I have to say he is one of the most reliable business partners of our company.

Marcela Hervy

Coridalis Trade s.r.o.

My suppliers’ experience

Almost two years ago we started some business with David when he started his owncompany. We knew that he had for many years experience in plants and trees an that is a familiar feeling to hear. You often see in the beginning that someone has no feeling during transportation, is not professional or have no feeling with this natural products. You also often see that peopleoften want to sell sharply in the beginning and don’t pay attention to quality.

With David this was not the case. Because he has a lot of experience in plants and trees he knew what he had to do and still do. He knows perfect how to handle trees and plants withtransport etc. Because David has a lot of connections, he can often offer you exactly what youare looking for. He can because of this deliver very quickly.

Our goal from treenursery G. Vermeer Holland B.V. is to deliver very strictly, everything is good quality and after this a good service. After doing business with David for two years, we see that he is also pursuing this. We are very satisfied with this cooperation. We see a good upward trend in orders that he send to us, so from my point of view his customers are satisfied.

Joop Vermeer

G. Vermeer Hollland B.V.

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