For gardens designers
I am your partner in choosing the right trees, shrubs and herbs and in negotiating the prices with suppliers. Thanks to my wide scope of knowledge and experience on the plants market I am providing you with consultancy in the selection of plants so that you can cost effectively create the garden according to your idea.

For parks and gardens landscapers

You are being continuously kept informed during our cooperation: In a short time you are getting the exact quotation, you know the exact delivery date, and you know about the quality and condition of plants. I personally inspect each shipment with you upon delivery and I make sure you (and ultimately your customers) are fully satisfied.

The course of our cooperation

I ascertain what exactly you need

How far you are in your dealing with your customer? Is it the price you’re after? Or you care the most about the quality? When and where you will be planting the plants? …

During the telephone call I am ascertaining which plans you exactly require for your customers so that they will recommend you to the others with enthusiasm.

I approach the suitable suppliers for you

After finishing our phone call I am inquiring the proven suppliers to determine which of them have the best capability to meet your needs. Then I provide you with the best options so that you can choose the perfect option for you from the time and price standpoint.

I send you the precise quotation within 5 days

5 days. Within this time you will get the precise budget covering the transport costs and preliminary delivery date. If you don’t want to further modify your inquiry, this offer is final for you and the indicated prices are valid until the delivery of plants.

I confirm the time and place of delivery

One week before delivery I confirm with you the exact time and place where we deliver you the plants (optimally to the planting site). And because each tree, shrub and herb goes from the supplier directly to you without unnecessary reloading, I guarantee that they are in perfect condition.

I personally inspect the delivery together with you

Upon delivery I inspect together with you that everything was supplied correctly, exactly as we agreed on at the beginning. In case of any complaints I solve the issue immediately. And as the extra bonus, you don’t need to pay for the delivery until I solve everything to your full satisfaction.

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and garden centres across Europe…

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