I save the time to garden professionals
and make their life easier

I wholesale supply the plants from Czech or from abroad

Wide selection of options

You have a lot to choose from. I am cooperating with over 20 proven suppliers of plants.

Saved time

You don’t have to visit all the ornamental tree nurseries anymore. I am providing you with real photographs of solitary pieces.

Precise quotation

Within 5 days you will obtain the precise quotation from me, including costs for transport and handling the plants.

Top quality guarantee

Each plant goes from the supplier directly to you. Without reloading or delays.

I am indispensable for garden designers, landscapers and architects – since 2006

I am solving for you the transport, help you with the selection of the most suitable supplier and make sure that you are getting the exact plants which will ensure your customers will recommend you to the others with enthusiasm.

More about me

I cooperate with growers
and garden centres across Europe…

… I visit them regularly
and based on your order I import exactly the plants you need.

Testimonial from Netherlands :

David Podhorský knows exactly how to treat trees and plants, and how to transport them. He’s got a knack of it and therefore delivers them always in perfect condition.

Joop Vermeer, owner G. Vermeer Holland B. V.

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